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Our fee of $199. 00 covers all of the necessary document preparation.


The remaining fees which are not due upfront are the court filing fees and the newspaper publishing fees. 


The court filing fee is $210..


The newspaper publishing fee ranges depending on the news paper the court chooses.  Once we’ve prepared the complex court forms, you can simply file them and await the court’s publishing instructions. 


After you've checked out of our shopping cart, you will receive the appropriate workbook which is really a very simple questionnaire.  Once you have the workbook completed, return it to us anyway below that is convenient for you:


At this point we will have the information necessary to prepare the name change documents and within several business days we will have the  documents ready for you to file in court.   


***IF the name change is for a minor who is younger than 18 years of age, the parents that are listed on the child's birth certificate will be presented with consent forms to sign.   


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We The People is a registered Trademark. Operators &/or owners are NOT attorneys. They cannot represent customers or give advice. Services are provided at customers' request & are not a substitute for the advice of an attorney. Prices do not include court state &/or other third party costs 



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